Generator Wet Scrubber

What Is Generator Wet Scrubber ?

A generator wet scrubber is an effective device for removing pollutants produced by diesel engine generators that are hazardous to the environment. Our wet scrubbers are created and finished in accordance with pollution control board standards.

Air Volume 100 130 160CBM/min
Grade Automatic
Material Mild steel
Power Approx 50/60HZ
Product type Wet Scrubber
Voltage 220/380/400/415V

Exhaust from a generator Wet scrubbers are a new technology that are used to absorb dangerous environmental pollutants that generators release. Nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter, which includes any observable smoke and soot, are among the exhaust emissions from diesel-powered generators. Our dust collection device completely eliminates the impurities from the exhaust flow, releasing only clean air.

The major part of DG wet scrubber includes:




Dosing pump

Pneumatic systems



AFF filter

Mist separator

Air tank

Solenoid valves


Control panel unit

Caustic soda tank

ETP tank

Solar bed